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Carbon Cleaning


Is your car or van feeling rough, driving sluggish with a lack of power, with bad fuel economy or maybe you have got a engine warning light on. Here is a few symtoms of having carbon build up inside the combustion system of your engine.

  • Rough Tick Over.
  • Bad mpg.
  • Loss of Horse Power.
  • Smokey Exhaust.
  • Noisy Engine.
  • Smells of Burning.
  • Slower Acceleration.
  • Feeling Lumpy.
  • Hesitation of Power on pull off.
  • Harder to Start.
  • Feels like it might Break Down Soon.

Our mobile engine carbon cleaning service will come to you, we can help to clear soot and carbon out of the combustion system of your engine, allowing your engine to breath and flow again and restoring the delicate balance needed for a smooth and clean running engine.

Engine Carbon Cleaning, sometimes called a engine detox is where we inject a special gas in to the air intake of your engine that helps to get rid of carbon deposits from inside the inner workings of your engines combustion system and again with no need to dismantle any parts, this process takes 60 minutes to complete and costs from £85,00 all in depending on your location and engine size.

After our services is complete, your engine can breath and its natural flow is restored again.

If you are having DPF problems we would always recomend that you get a engine carbon clean after a dpf clean as when your dpf is blocked up, the engine can not get all the exhaust smoke out through the dpf and it gets forced back in to the engine, this is called back pressure, back presure causes so many other problems, from coating other engine components in a sticky oily resedue and exsessive soot build up, these mix together and form a marmite type gunk, when it gets hot it starts to smoulder and this is usualy the give away smell of a blocked up DPF

We offer a special deal at the moment... if you get a engine carbon clean at the same time and place as the DPF clean we do the engine carbon clean for £40,00 all in.