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Specialist in Mobile DPF Cleaning & Engine Carbon Cleaning. Servicing Liverpool & surrounding areas + 20 ish miles, we come to you to clean your dpf at your location whether it’s your home address or your workplace in and around most of the Northwest. Give us a call on 07917 818134 if you need a quick chat.


This process is suitable for any diesel engine with a diesel particulate filter fitted, from a Range Rover Evoque with the dpf full warning light on to a Peugeot partner van stuck in limp mode. We clean most makes of cars vans and 4x4 vehicles & Adblue engines.


Engine Carbon Cleaning is a process that can help clean the inner workings of the combustion chamber of carbon and sooty deposits that have accumulated over the years due to many different factors.


We use state of the art specialist cleaning formulas that removes carbon, ash and soot from the inner workings of your diesel particulate filter, once the DPF cleaning solution has been injected directly in to the DPF chamber while still on the vehicle, it is then left to soak into the blockage, we then add the flush part of the process, this transforms the blockage from a solid to a liquid and flushes it out the exhaust tail pipe. Your engine can now breath again and the flow and balance is restored in the DPF filter to a like new regenerative state.

Our aim is to restore your vehicle back to its former glory and regain its lost performance without you having to shell out for a brand new DPF filter as they are very expensive, a genuine DPF including fitting will usually cost from £1.200 to £4.000 depending on the make and model.

A lot of vehicles that we clean come to us with engine management warning lights activated and in limp home mode so as part of our service, we do a full dealer level diagnostic check before and after the DPF cleaning process and we reset any engine management warning lights and reset all the ECU parameters to get the vehicle out of limp mode after our service is complete.

DPF Cleaning Prices Start From £190.00 all in, Depending On Your Location and takes around 3 hours, this includes all the diagnostics work before hand and a live data test drive after the service is complete.

Engine Carbon Cleaning Prices Start From £85,00 Depending on Engine Size and Your Location. We do a special deal at the moment, if we do a Engine Carbon Clean at the same time and place as the DPF cleaning, we will do the Engine Carbon Clean for £40,00 for engines up to 2.2 ltr. We take 60 minutes to complete a Engine Carbon Cleaning service on vehicles up to 2.2 ltrs, 90 minutes on vehicles up to 3.5 ltr.


Engine Carbon Cleaning can help remove up to 85% of carbon and soot that has built up in the combustion chamber of the engine, a lot of times this is caused by the back pressure of having a blocked DPF, if the exhaust smoke cant escape out from the tail pipe it can get forced back into the combustion area and leaves a sticky marmite type residue on the injector tips, exhaust valves and on the piston crowns, once the dpf has been cleaned and the flow has been returned all this marmite type gunk can start to flow and start to block the dpf up again with a snowball effect scenario.

Please note that an engine carbon clean is a preventative measure and not a cure for already heaviley contaminated parts like egr valves and egr coolers, intake manafolds and turbos but as a maintenance measure a engine carbon clean can maintain these parts from getting heaviley contaminated in the first place before they get to a point of no return.

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Increased MPG
  • Improved engine parts life
  • Improves vehicle performance
  • More responsive engine
  • Smoother and quicker acceleration
  • Cost's from £85 x 60 min
  • Eliminates some parts replacments
  • Costs £40 when done with a dpf clean
  • Quieter engine
  • Improves driving experience
  • Experience the results immediately
  • No engine dismantling required
  • Multi vehicle discounts available


Carbon Flush is a small family run business that serves the whole of the north west area. We believe that the service that we offer our customers is built on a good reputation for reliability and caring what our customers think about us as people, yes we have to make a living but I think the best part of the job is the satisfaction that we feel after we have totally restored some ones vehicle back to its former glory.


Thanks mark for coming out so quick, the school run is a pleasure again now that the kids taxi is running better than it has ever drove ever. That Machine you use is amazing, thanks Mark

Pam Range Rover Evoque Skelmersdale DPF Cleaning

Perfect, my full power is back, I only get the Audi out on the odd Sunday. It’s been a bit back fiery due to not much use lately. Got a carbon clean off carbon flush. He knows his stuff this man. Definitely recommend you to mates and fam.

Garry Audi S4 Runcorn engine detox

What a great service. Mark was here within a hour of calling him, great little company, my car is running fantatic now, got its mojo back. Recommend to anyone who’s car is running rough with a blocked dpf filter.

Joe VW Passat 2011 St. Helens DPF Cleaning.

My car is my independents, it kept cutting out at traffic lights, I found mark on google and he came out to my house the same day. WOW what a difference. Best money I’ve spent in a while, thank you Mark

Margaret Kia Sportage Warrington Engine carbon Cleaning