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Mobile Diagnostics Service

Do you have an engine management warning light on your dashboard or do you need a part coding in that you have replaced your self relating to the emissions system? give us a call to book a mobile diagnostic call out to your location and find out what the issue is on your car or van.

We use some of the best diagnostic scanners on the market from Autel, Snap on, Auto Com, VCDS, Forscan and ICarsoft.

We are based just out side of liverpool but we travel to most areas around the NorthWest doing our diagnostic fault finding service, prices start from £75.00, this usually covers distances of 10 miles from our base in Rainhill L35 in the Liverpool area, then the further we travel the more it cost, usually £1.00 per mile.

We are also specialists in mobile DPF cleaning, ecu remapping and engine carbon cleaning so we know our way around the emissions system on most makes of cars and vans and we have the correct diagnostics machines to cover your vehIcle.